Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why you must anticipate treachery: / Почему вы должны предвидеть предательство.

   I wonder how many investors anticipated this ambush ?  
 Интересно, сколько инвесторы предвидели этот засаду?

Not a bit of warning, unless you knew "60 Minutes" was doing an expose of their use of formaldehyde in their products and the suits from in it.
Не бит предупреждения, если вы не знали "60 минут" делает подвергайте их использования формальдегида в своей продукции и костюмы от в нем.

Not the first time Lumber Liquidators has been ambushed.   After running from the teens, to the 100+teens, it has had two or three such come'downs.
Не первый раз Пиломатериалы ликвидаторов была в засаду. После запуска из подростков, с + подростков 100, это было два или три таких come'downs.

Unpredictable and unprofitable when they hit "Air Pockets", they were fun on the way up.  "DANGER Will Robinson, DANGER !".   If we attribute this unparalleled run in the General Markets to the unparalleled growth in the FED's Balance Sheet, then how do we guess when we are going to get beaten out of our investments ?
Непредсказуемая и невыгодно, когда они попали "воздушные карманы", они были забавой на пути вверх. "Опасность будет Робинсон, опасность!". Если мы связываем этот беспрецедентный пробег в Общие рынки для беспрецедентный рост баланса ФРС, а затем как мы думаем, когда мы собираемся, чтобы выбиться из наших инвестиций?

So if you innocently enough accept the profits stocks like this generate, there is no way to miss the sudden drops, unless you sell out in advance.  A common Stop Loss order will not do it.  You will literally be "Sold Down the River", with the torrent of Sell Orders triggered by such an event, and end up in the lower half of the days range.  Not a problem if you bought @ 17, but so much sweeter if you used a statistical measure to exit @ 117.
Короткий ответ - вы не можете !!

Так что если вы довольно невинно принять запасы прибыли, как это произвести, нет никакого способа, чтобы пропустить перепады, если вы продаете заранее.Общая Стоп-лосс не будет это делать. Вы в буквальном смысле будет "Продано реке», с потоком продажа заказов, вызванных таком случае, и в конечном итоге в нижней половине диапазона дней. Не проблема, если вы купили @ 17, но так гораздо слаще, если вы использовали статистическую меру, чтобы выйти @ 117.

Lets explore an old style of price function only graphic to see if there is a hint.
Позволяет исследовать старый стиль ценовой функции только на графические, чтобы увидеть, если есть намек.
Back in the day, the boardroom guys would make a tick mark alongside the price a stock attained, without regard for time as long as it was moving in the same direction.   Once a stock reversed, a lag in the tic marks was used to make sure the move was real.   In this case since the stock opened GAP DOWN, that lag would have caused you not to sell until Halfway Down the Day Down.Назад в день, в зал заседаний, ребята бы галочку рядом цене акции достигнута, без учета времени, пока он двигался в том же направлении. После того, как акции вспять, отставание в делениях был использован, чтобы убедиться, что этот шаг был реальным. В этом случае, так как акция открылась гэпом вниз, что отставание привело бы вы не продавать, пока на полпути вниз День Дауна.

HOWEVER, if your going to run with the Big Dogs, you need to have LEGS.
LEGS or something else to act as an Early Warning System, otherwise, you are the fool in this card game.Однако, если ваш собирается запустить с большими собаками, вы должны иметь ноги.
Ноги или что-то еще, чтобы выступать в качестве системы раннего предупреждения, в противном случае, вы дурак в этой карточной игре.

As you see in the Red Ellipse in the Right Top Quarter, several measures using Rate of Change calculations, in spite of the camouflaging minor uptrend, fell out of bed about a week before the Big Event.
Как вы видите на Красной эллипс в правой верхней четверти ряд мер по обменному курсу расчетов изменится, несмотря на маскировку незначительной тенденции к повышению, упал с кровати около недели перед большим событием.

 Part of FINANCIAL KUNG-FU is knowing WHO KNOWS WHAT.   Another part of FINANCIAL KUNG-FU, is to know the LIMITS To Your KNOWLEDGE, and GET HELP.
.part Финансовых кунг-фу зная, кто знает, что. Другая часть финансовых кунг-фу, что нужно знать о пределах, до вашего ведома, и получить помощь.

So you may wish to look at my other blogs to see my work and decide if you would like to enlist some savvy help with your Financial Situation.
Таким образом, вы, возможно, пожелают, чтобы смотреть на мои другие блоги, чтобы посмотреть мои работы и решить, если вы хотите, чтобы заручиться некоторые смекалка помощь вашего финансового положения.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

At this Point, Discipline is what holds it all together

At this point I think I am less offended, feeling more determined and have an abiding antagonism for all the Financially "Anonited" in our society, than at any time since 9/11.   No I don't mean Jamie Diamon, of JPM,  because, although some may disagree,  I think he is  THE Latter-Day-Pirate.  I think he is so crass, clueless and criminal that he could not tie Pontius Pilate's sandals.  I think he is a CRIMINAL, and I would thus have to say I believe that all that associate or consort with him, may be,  at a minimum, criminally guilty of being an accessory to financial crimes, before, after and during their commission.

So the above indictment or Bill of Attainder I have just written probably covers a good half of any particular group, public officials, and financial officials. BTDT.

Just like described the Declaration of Independence as they refer to the British King, they scold said King for sending swarms of officers amongst the population to "eat out their substance" and act as serpents in their midst.

And now along comes Martin Armstrong, touting his own self, and telling us how the Dow will be propelled to unimaginable heights.  Yes Marty, if you replace all the Dogs of the Dow with the Apples and Ali's, how can the DJIA fail to make new highs.  In my opinion, he is one of many, "Marty the Mouthpiece", is how I shall address him.  Now am I picking on Marty ?  Yes probably, because he is busy telling everyone "the facts that GoldBugz should know".  And his facts are based on the KRIMEX fairytale that Gold can be represented by Paper, and that honest price discovery takes place when a major portion of a major miner's 2013 production  is sold in darkest night, in a totally uneconomic transacation that probably leaves U$D 100-200 Mil STILL ON THE TABLE, lost by selling it all at ONCE.  Sounds like Jay Gould describing the counter-party position of "Buying Cows By Candlelight".

     Lets talk about someone that actually had some credibility.  LOUISE YAMADA
had some respect as an analyst until she started bad-mouthing Gold.  Was she so unsavvy as to utter for CNBC "Eyeing gold's trading range between about $1,400 and $1,200, Yamada says that "if $1,200 can't hold, we might flip even to $1,100, and that would actually break the 2005 trend for gold."
      Ah another guru puking on themselves after that huge TAX DAY MASSACRE.  You would think she was savvy enuf to stay away from that, but the temptation held out, to skew any of her remaining analytic independence would have to be huge, if such a thing were possible.

Lets see, whom has decided to try to mug the Precious & Monetary Metals Complex, i.e, Gold, and Platinum ?  Gartman >?  Cramer ? Was that Cosmo Kramer or Jim Cramer ?  No difference.  Gartman is just confused I think.
Jeff Christian ?  OMG r u kiddin' me ? Name any flack from the FED or the Dept of Treasury, the list goes on.



Rather than bore you, I show both the price of DELIVERABLE GOLD [MNT.To] and a major Gold ETF, GDX, overlaid on the Metal price.  So it was going NOWHERE the supposed Guru's called for it.  And now it is launch mode but no one wants to see it, so the MSM will Maim, Spindle & Mutilate the story with the WONDER-DOW.

     Yes, Virginia, the forces in power have sent swarms of verbal assualters into our ranks to keep up the War Drums of the PSYWAR against Gold, which started the DAY that US DEBT was DOWNGRADED from AAA to A.  The wrath of The Treasury has a long reach, but not unlimited resources.   They can print or QE all the Fiat them want but it only leads to
FIATNAM.  The Treasury's ability to QE its way out of this has been vaporized by the unwillingness of the market to tolerate it and so the QE was handed off to Japan, for the BOJ to flood the markets with Yen.  This also too, has a finite lifespan.  "THEY" are getting to the point they will be "Burning the Furniture" to stay warm, that is where its going.

That, I think is the situation.  Terrifying no doubt if you don;t have any Monetary Metals in your possession and or some good stocks of the Precious Metals Miners in-hand as well.
I'd say "Be Savvy, Get Some !"

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